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Payroll solution launch campaign

ADP are one of the world’s largest payroll solution companies, and their new Payline software was a revolution in the industry.

Fuel’s brief was to cut through jargon and confusion, show just how behind the times the competition were and clearly place ADP Payline as the smartest, industry leading solution.

Our brand campaign included digital, press and a highly targeted and effective DM solution.

The result? Sales enquiries increased 24% during the campaign, and it was then rolled out across several overseas markets.


  • Digital
  • Strategy


Feedback from our clients

"our specialist B2B agency"

Having worked with Fuel on a number of campaigns and product launches we selected Fuel to be our specialist B2B agency. They clearly ‘get’ the business decision maker audience more than most agencies and regularly deliver solutions that address the unique challenges and complexities associated with reaching and really engaging that audience effectively.

Renee Gries - Manager Integrated Marketing & Communications, CPA Australia