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Why aren't we talking about it?

Incontinence is something one in four Australians live with every day. At the same time, it costs Australia $117 million. Every day.

Yet, it’s only ever spoken about in hushed tones or giggles. Why? Especially when the solution to incontinence for most is as simple as visiting a physiotherapist.

So we decided to start talking about it. We were going to make sure the Australian Physiotherapy Association was heard. And they were.

Targeting just 226 federal politicians with a DM campaign, we delivered 5,898 website page views, 2,185 video views within two weeks and incited industry-wide conversation and debate.

Most importantly, seven ministers requested a meeting.


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Feedback from our clients

"an incredibly intelligent agency"

Working with Fuel really kept me on my toes. They are an incredibly intelligent agency and will provide what an agency should - innovation and solutions. They push clients to really think about what it is that they are trying to achieve and won’t let a client get away with a sloppy idea or an ill thought out brief. If you want excellence then you should choose Fuel.

Ruth Heenan - General Manager Marketing and Communications, Australian Physiotherapy Association