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Driving sales on and off premise.

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Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix activation

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix attracts well over 250,000 people to the track and countless others to venues around the area.

For James Boags Draught it represented not only a key sponsorship and investment, but Lion's first on-premise venue engagement.

Fuel helped Lion make the very most of this huge opportunity. The result?

We hit 218 venues, over 500 other accounts and delivered programs to 1.2 million readers.

Spontaneous awareness targets were exceeded by over 20%, segment performance by 180%, buyers by 62% and main brand by over 300%. Most importantly, we delivered well above off-premise sales targets too.


Feedback from our clients

The launch of a great new adventure

Fuel delivered a comprehensive re-brand strategy, positioning and perfectly executed the initial brief.

Paddy Scott, Marketing Manager, Flight Centre, My Adventure Travel