Virtual Reality Bushfire Experience

Educating Victorians on the realities of bushfire

  • BBC News - Virtual Reality shows the consequences of not leaving early

    BBC News report - "This is what it feels like to be in a bushfire"

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  • Virtual reality film shows terrifying reality of bushfires

    Australian authorities have released a virtual reality recreation of nightmare bushfire scenarios. The simulation is part of an effort to encourage residents in the state of Victoria to prepare for extreme danger. Australia's south-east is braced for a scorching weekend with temperatures forecast as high as 45C, bringing dangerous fire conditions.

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  • Victorian State Government warns Australians of fire danger in latest campaign

    The Victorian State Government has launched a campaign to warn Australians about the dangers of high-risk fire days including information about fire danger ratings, rural grass fire and leaving early. Created by The Fuel Agency, the 30 second television commercials warn Australians to check fire ratings daily and the dangers of not leaving early if there is a high-risk fire day.

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  • Bayer Avenge

    Helping farmers across their country protect their borders from those lousy, lice carrying, fly-blown mongrels from next door.

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  • Victorians asked to plan and prepare for fires in new summer fire campaign,

    Decision-making is critical in emergencies, which is why Victorians are being asked to plan and prepare now for a hot and dry summer with significant fire risk. The Summer Fire Campaign, via The Fuel Agency, has launched, prompting all Victorians to be better prepared for bush and grassfire.

    Victorians asked to plan and prepare for fires

  • Vision Super pushes sustainable investment and low fees in new campaign

    Managing money for your retirement via low-carbon investments and low client fees supported with a ‘relax & retire happy’ message drives Vision Super’s newest campaign. ‘There’s a lot to love’, created by Melbourne’s The Fuel Agency, features a pop-up book paper family enjoying outdoor pursuits such as kite flying and barbecuing while the voiceover sells Vision Super’s sustainable investment options, low fees and ease of use.

    Vision Super pushes sustainable investment and low fees in new campaign

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